Free Deliveries for orders above ₹ 450.  10% discount for orders above ₹ 3000.



Q. How soon will I get my mangoes?

We typically Deliver your mangoes in 1 day (except for Alphonsos).We deliver Alphonsos within Post purchase, you will also get the information on the delivery timeslot in an email from us.

Q. When will the other varieties (Banganpalli, Himayat, Dasheri, Rasalu etc) be available for sale?

These varieties will be available from 15th of May 2017 in our online store.

Q. Why so much time? The mango season has already begun.

In case of organically grown mangoes, we do not use any artificial agents to expedite fruit growth or ripening. The fruits take their own natural time to grow and that is when they taste the best.

Q. Is there a return policy?

We strictly adhere to best practices from harvest to delivery to ensure the fruits arrive at your house in the best condition. We do not accept returns. If you need to give feedback about anything, please write to us at We will get back to you.