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Why Advaita?

Conscious Eating

“Advaita” the philosophy of nonduality simply means ‘not two' - the ultimate truth is non-dual". This “oneness” is a fundamental quality of everything. All forms of life come from the earth and go back to the earth. What we eat and how we choose to live doesn’t just impact our physical and emotional well-being but also has an impact on the planet. And the vice-versa is true as well. This fundamental concept lies at the core of our brand. We want to make organically grown, pesticide free agricultural produce, an inherent part of the daily urban lifestyle through easy access. 

The food you eat and the lifestyle you choose to lead are not two different things, they both are one and the same. We believe that improving the food habits of people will lead to the improvement in the life of a farmer.

We strongly believe that organic farming can eradicate many diseases caused by unsafe food and that adopting sustainable agricultural practices is paramount in preventing farmers’ suicides, improving their livelihood and protecting the backbone of Indian economy. By buying from us, you help us pay organic farmers a premium price for guaranteed natural & healthy food on your plate.  And as we get more farmers to adopt organic farming, with increasing supply, we hope to make organic produce further more affordable.

Our Practices

To ensure freshness 

We deliver farm fresh veggies at your doorstep within 18 hours of the harvest from the farms.

To make an impact 

At Advaita, we strongly believe that, by choosing what we put on our plate, we not only create wellness in our bodies and minds but also pass over the benefit to the planet and our primary caregivers - the farming community. By choosing what we eat, we impact what the farmer grows. What the farmer grows, in turn, impacts his/her livelihood. 

Unfortunately, today's agricultural landscape provides little or no incentive for the farming community to pursue sustainable practices. The result is a gradual loss of ancient wisdom that can help us survive most of the modern-day ailments. By engaging with the farmers regularly to monitor, curate and enforce sustainable practices, Advaita ensures that the highest quality standards are met and adhered to. By passing over a fair-share of the benefit to the farmers, Advaita delivers on its promises to them keeping in mind the mission to promote sustainable living.